Jewel Beetle – Ctenoderus maulicus

A beautiful iridescent beetle found throughout Chile and Argentina and as far south as Patagonia

Common Name: Jewel Beetle
Latin Name: Ctenoderus maulicus
Threat Level: Low


When this strikingly beautiful Jewel beetle was brought into the DoA it was the first, and to date, only record of this species in the Falklands. Little is known about it’s biology but the larvae of this family are borers of roots, stems and trees. Many of the wood-boring species attack dying or dead branches or tree trunks, but many attack living trees and are considered major economic pests. The emerald ash borer, Agrilus planipennis, an Asian pest that has successfully invaded North America where it is killing millions of ash trees, is one such example.

This jewel beetle however, is a species that occurs throughout Chile and Argentina and has been recorded as far south as Patagonia. It is likely to have been brought to the Islands accidentally, by sea or by air, as it wouldn’t have had the stamina to fly here by itself.


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