Pink-spotted Hawkmoth – Agrius cingulata

This large hawkmoth is a migratory visitor from South America

Common Name: Pink-spotted Hawkmoth
Latin Name: Agrius cingulata
Threat Level: Low

The Pink-spotted Hawkmoth is at home in the Americas and migrates north as far as Canada and south to Patagonia and the Falklands…an incredible journey for a moth. Somehow they have recently managed to bridge the Atlantic and there are reports of them in West Africa.

The caterpillars are regarded as pests in countries where sweet potatoes are grown commercially, but the adults are nectar feeders.


2 Responses to Pink-spotted Hawkmoth – Agrius cingulata
  1. i live in central Illinois an found one of these pink spotted hawkmoths on the ground this is the first time I have ever seen one I think they are beautiful. how common are they in the United States an the state of Illinois thank you

    • Hi Cindy, We don’t have information relating to this species in Illinois but it is widely distributed throughout North and South America. They are beautiful moths and capable of flying long distances. We are always interested to see them when they crop up here in the Falkland Islands.


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