Weevil – Aegorhinus vitulus

A large distinctive weevil introduced from southern Patagonia and now thought to be established in Stanley

Common Name: Weevil
Latin Name: Aegorhinus vitulus

This distinctive and fairly large weevil (about 2cm long) is thought to have been accidentally introduced to the Falklands from its native range of Southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. It has been recorded in Argentina (Tierra del Fuego) and Chile (Magallanes, Isla Navarino; Isla Picton; Isla Bertrand). Adults are present between October and February and it is normally found in Nothofagus forest or collected on Nothofagus. There has been a few recorded sightings of this beetle in Stanley over the last few years suggesting that there may be a small established population.

2 Responses to Weevil – Aegorhinus vitulus
  1. This has been in Stanley since the late 1970s. As kids we found them on the stone garden wall of the house just west of Deanos Bar on John St.


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