European Hoverfly – Eristalis tenax

The European Hoverfly or Dronefly is an accidental introduction to the Falklands that has become established. It resembles a honey bee but is completely harmless and unable to sting

Weevil – Aegorhinus vitulus

A large distinctive weevil introduced from southern Patagonia and now thought to be established in Stanley

Cat Lice – Felicola subrostratus

Tiny lice which lives in cats fur.

Cuban Cockroach – Panchlora nivea

These bright green cockroaches were imported among bananas.

Brazilian Wandering Spider – Phoneutria sp.

A tropical species which found its way to the Falklands among imported bananas. It is not established here, nor likely to but is extremely venomous.

Crab Spider – Petrichus niveus

A native hunting crab spider that is commonly found throughout the Falklands archipelago and mainland South America.