Larger Hoverfly – Syrphus octomaculatus

A native hover fly which can be observed feeding from flowers in gardens and is sometimes mistaken for a bee.

Globular Springtail

Tiny insect like animals with the ability to jump like a flea. They may be a pest in greenhouses of young plants and seedlings.

False Widow – Steatoda grossa

Steatoda grossa, commonly known as the cupboard spider, the dark comb-footed spider, the brown house spider (in Australia), or the false black widow (though several other species are known by these names), is a common species of spider in the genus Steatoda.

House Spider – Tegenaria domestica

The spider species Tegenaria domestica, commonly known as the barn funnel weaver in North America and the domestic house spider in Europe, is a member of the funnel-web family Agelenidae and a close relative of the hobo spider.

Longhorn Beetle – Microplophorus magellanicus

A large wood eating beetle with characteristically long antennae giving rise to its common name

Parasitic Wasp – Alophophion larseni

This parasitic wasp is commonly encountered in the Falkland Islands