29Aug 2016

The health of our marine environment plays a key role in the health of the economy, and has a direct effect on our own health and well being. In terms of economy, fisheries has a direct and obvious link with the marine environment, but indirectly tourism is also intrinsically linked with healthy seas and wildlife. […]

08Feb 2016

An interesting beetle was found today; one of only three that have been recorded in the Falklands before. The weevil, Aegorhinus vitulus, is a species only previously recorded in Southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. All Falkland records have been within Stanley, suggesting that it was accidentally introduced and there may now be a small […]

05Feb 2016

I like bugs—just as well in my line of work, but I don’t like fleas. The very thought of them, crawling on my body and feasting on my blood itching all over. I bet you are itching just reading this. Well relax, we are lucky enough to live in one of the few places on […]

17Dec 2015

Source: Mapping areas at risk of marine invasion from biofouling By iLaria Marengo In a recent blog, it was revealed that the Falkland Islands, although remote, actually receive a considerable amount of marine traffic. More than a thousand different vessels (tankers, cargo ships, supply vessels, fishing boats, cruise liners, yachts etc) entered the Falklands Conservation […]