08Feb 2016

An interesting beetle was found today; one of only three that have been recorded in the Falklands before. The weevil, Aegorhinus vitulus, is a species only previously recorded in Southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. All Falkland records have been within Stanley, suggesting that it was accidentally introduced and there may now be a small […]

17Dec 2015

Source: Mapping areas at risk of marine invasion from biofouling By iLaria Marengo In a recent blog, it was revealed that the Falkland Islands, although remote, actually receive a considerable amount of marine traffic. More than a thousand different vessels (tankers, cargo ships, supply vessels, fishing boats, cruise liners, yachts etc) entered the Falklands Conservation […]

20Oct 2015

I visited New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries to find out how they ‘Grow and protect New Zealand’. It turns out the Kiwi’s are not only good at rugby. New Zealand has more similarities with the Falkland Islands than you might think, and it’s not just that both country’s capitals are known for their strong […]